He Who Is Not Courageous Enough To Take Risks Will Accomplish Nothing In Life

Some years ago, there was a young man who lived up to his dreams. Once when he was 14 years old he saw something unprecedented in a movie called Kranked 5. It was a picture of mountain bikers literally winning over the gravity. Here is a clip from that movie.

He was amazed. After watching the movie, he desperately wanted to discover how it feels to ride a bike like that. And, like most of the curious kids, he followed on his dream. After some work with shovel and axe, he succeeded in making the first take off in the woods behind the house. Despite the lack of skills, rainy weather and improper bike, he decided to drop in. It went like this.

His front wheel slipped off the wet ladder just moments before the take off and he went straight into a tree. Broken frame, rear wheel and fork, broken hand and a cut in the tree which can be seen even today. After this terrifying accident, his thoughts were clear. He wanted to get a new bike...

Life Is A Flower, You've Got To Let It Grow

He soon wanted to know the mountains better. They had always been very appealing to him. Mountains are like flowers, too. They look up to a sky and they are beautiful. In the morning they would appear with the sun, and by night they would have faded away in the clouds.

One day, finally, he decided to go to the mountains at the dusk. The young man had watched very closely that night which was not like any other in his life. High up on the mountain he had climbed there was a strong chilling wind and nothing to see through the dark. He had been even scared for a while, but when the sun started to rise...

He grabbed his camera and took a picture. Freezing that beautiful flower forever. It might, you see, have been a beginning of a new friendship.

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

There was a time, in the life of this young man, when he had to decide what to do for a living. Absurd as it might seem, despite his new passions, he moved out to a city. After a year of partying hard and seeking occasional jobs, he got stuck partying at university for yet another year of his time. He, then lost in the shades of grey, felt at once that some sort of miraculous apparition must emerge from it.

And it happened. Scared of getting stuck at some office for making money, which seemed to him equally soul-destroying as a school, he refused being a man and started to be a child again. Which was, if the truth be known, a little difficult.

The dreams of making happy living, they didn’t let him sleep. And, like most of the curious kids, he fought off all the creeps. Then he took his bike to mountains, to shoot the pictures of his dreams. And since then, they let him sleep.

Happiness Held Is The Seed, Happiness Shared Is The Flower

So he chose to grow a special flower, one which might anybody see. Then brought the flower to the people and make sure it spreads it’s seeds.

A young man is now 27 and it took him a while to become a kid again. But today, together with many amazing kids, they are playing hard to clear the way for others, to help them grow their own flowers. Here at Azylo.

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