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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which type of stories are accepted?
    Stories that matter. Stories that tell something meaningful. Whether a feature story, photo essay, travelogue, case study, fiction, or documentary, it should cover important issues or events, be inspiring, or represent intriguing opinions.
  • Can anyone submit any stories, or do you select based on specific criteria?
    Anyone can post anything to their portfolio unless it interferes with our Content Guidelines . However, our editors carefully consider all submissions for licensing individually.
  • Do you have an editor who proofreads stories, or do creators take full responsibility for their work?
    Our editors can accept or reject your story submitted for licensing. They do not edit your story. If they reject the story, they can provide brief reasons and recommendations. When you do not submit the story for licensing, it appears on your portfolio immediately.
  • What type of creators are welcome?
    The only requirement is that you have something to tell, and you can tell it in a clean, coherent, and captivating way.
  • What are the requirements for images?
    At least 1600px wide, max. 6MB file size and adequate image quality.
  • What kind of licensing do you offer?
    You can choose between Free License, Standard License, Exclusive License, and No License. Learn more about Licensing.
  • How much do I get from each sale?
    You get 70% royalties when you sell your content exclusively on Azylo and 40% when non-exclusively.
  • How do I get paid?
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