Nine and a Half

When mountain guide Per Ås lost half of his left index finger in an accident, he started to question if he would ever find his way back to working in the mountains. A few years later, he has...

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One Lap at a Time

An eclectic band of locals cultivates a grassroots backcountry ski community in one of the world’s most unforgiving ranges.

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Down with disease

A One-Way Lap Around the World at the break of the pandemic. From the US through the Balkans to China. From freeriding to exploring the historical and cultural roots of skiing.

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No Place to Run in Indochina

An inside look at the most complex ethnic makeup of Southeast Asia.

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I Saw Dying of the Descending Dragon

And I couldn’t help him.

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Just a few Little Things

“Eat a flower, eat a flower, little beetle…” sang Betty, giving primrose to a mysterious creature she had met three seconds ago.

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A place to belong

In the northern Carpathians, within the Orava countryside, there are last pieces of land that ecologists call waterlogged alpine spruces, peatbogs and cold-loving foothill meadows. I call them my...

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