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Finding an adventure where the excitement is not expected

Barbora and I set out on bicycles to find an adventure in a country where excitement is not expected. We drove on the sunniest Dalmatian island – Hvar, chasing the shadow of Barba Borto.

The hot sun dried the air over the Velo Grabje valley, in the middle of the hills of the Dalmatian island of Hvar, and shrunk the last green vines into the stumps of pale wires. Only lavender, their delicate purple flower, thrived. And Barba Borto, one of the five inhabitants of Velo Grabje, could not wait any longer.

The harvest of his vineyards was not enough to support his family for the third season. Borto knew he had only two options. Either emigrate to the mainland and lose his ancestral home and land or break millennia of cultivation traditions and secure livelihood for himself and future generations. Borto's decision brought his family and the entire island to prominence. 

Borto stayed and founded a new lavender tradition. 

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