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Brasil - Under the Cruzeiro do Sul

“Brasil is the country of the future - and always will be”. This famous quote about Brasil has been attributed to various sources, but most people who know the country agree: it has staying power because it’s true.

Brasil has a long listing of positive attributes, including geographical features and natural resources that give it huge potential to be one of the wealthiest and most successful countries in the world. 

These attributes include large amounts of well-watered arable land, no deserts, little  potential for invasion from any of the countries on its borders, the huge forests of the Amazon Basin, large and powerful rivers to be dammed for hydroelectric power, and a long, easily accessible coastline on the south Atlantic Ocean.

Brasil’s population of 216 million people is also a major advantage. The widely diverse people of Brasil include everyone from ancestral native Americans, with communities present in the forest of the Amazon for thousands of years to descendants of the Portuguese and other Europeans who first arrived in the 1500’s from across the Atlantic Ocean.

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