3+1 Ideas for Athletes to Reach New Fans and Become More Valuable for Sponsors

Do you want to bring more value to your sponsors or find new ones? Learn how to get your content published by blogs, brands, and magazines without even reaching out to them.

Have you ever wondered why sponsors are often less interested in athletes who win competitions over those who don’t? Or those who don’t even attend any competitions at all?
What makes them so valuable?
Sure, social media presence is important. But what about those who don’t have a huge social following base, yet still, appear in magazines regularly?
How do they do it?
The answer is more simple than you might think. They create articles for magazines and send them to the editors. They get published and even paid for the content. But they don’t necessarily create alone — they often collaborate with other creators (photographers, filmmakers, writers, or artists).
If you don’t have access to the editors (email or other contact options), or if you don’t feel comfortable sending hundreds of emails, take a look here, Azylo can take care of it for you.
Here are 3+1 ideas you can use to get published by magazines, blogs, and brands.

1. Create curated articles (fast and easy)

This is the easiest one. Just come up with an idea of an interesting list or mashup from social media posts or videos from your friends, people you follow, and your own. For example “Friday fails”, “Throwback Thursday”, “Saturday sends”, “Top 5 tricks of the week”, “10 movies you should watch this month”, etc. People love this kind of article, and so do publishers. Even more when you do it regularly. Here is an example.

2. Come up with an idea and collaborate

We bet you have at least one great idea for an epic adventure, or captivating story featuring your athletic skills (whether it be a video or written narrative with pictures). But you probably don’t write like Shakespeare or shoot pictures like Steven Spielberg. And that’s absolutely ok. Just find people who do. Collaborate. Create something together. Publishers would love such content. Example – Mike Hopkins’s Dream ride.

3. Create a story all by yourself

Don’t have any photographer or writer around? No problem – here is your solution. Even though this might not be the easiest one, it’s definitely worth trying and even more valuable when done right. Once you have a good idea and master at least essential photography and writing skills, you are good to go.  Example – ???

Bonus idea: Do it all (regularly)

This one is only for those who take it really seriously. If you manage to do this, you will become a rockstar and probably end up in a hall of fame one day. All you need to do is this: Collaborate with others, create your own high-quality content, share it on your social media and build your following base, attend competitions and top it off with podium results. As the old saying goes: Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you will end up among the stars.
Now let’s get started!
If you haven’t heard about Azylo yet, here’s a quick sum of what this service can do for you and your career as an athlete. Get discovered by publishers and sponsors.Brands, blogs, magazines – thousands of them are craving quality content. Azylo team will make sure that the right ones got to see your content.
Earn money.If you choose one of the paid licenses, you can sell your articles directly through Azylo.
Gain global exposure and reach a new audience.This may be the most significant benefit of Azylo. Through publishers from around the world, you can open your content to new audiences that would have never seen it.  Content matters, not how many followers you have.Growing social media takes a lot of your time and attention. That’s why Azylo doesn’t work like them. You can focus solely on the quality of your content. Minimal effort.Just upload your content, and that’s it! Really. No sharing or strategy hacks needed. Once your work is here, we will do the rest. Grow with the community.Become an active part of a like-minded storytellers’ community, share your thoughts and ideas and get valuable feedback. Grow as a creator.  Create awareness, make an impact, or even trigger change.Do you try to tell something important? Does your work have a purpose? Does your story matter? If so, this is definitely the right time and the right place to be. We bet you have something to share! Find out more about how to use Azylo here.

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