Element is a non-narrative 3 minutes film about three main elements - earth, water, and air.

From Norwegian fjords to lonely shores of Lofoten island, from beautiful northern coastline to rocky beaches of Portugal, from majestic Icelandic landscapes to Russian mirror-like lakes, these elements are always present in every scene of this film.

I like my films to have a ​​slow, peaceful, and cinematic feel, and I stay true to it in this film. A beautiful, haunting sound score from Tony Anderson is perfect for bringing majestic landscapes to life.

I try to push myself to do more with each film, and this one is not an exemption. In the post-production​n stage, I choose to move to a different software suite and learn it from the ​ground up. I’ve challenged myself to do some VFX in several shots to go further.


Coastal road in one of the most beautiful parts of Norway, Lofoten. 

A strict light illuminates Geiranger. It reminds me of a Hobbit's last light of a During daypart.

Senja rocks from above. 

Lofoten jewel. Fishing village on rocks. 

If you visit Norway in summer, you can experience the midnight sun. Sun rarely sets, and you can experience a "golden hour" for many hours. This image was taken at 2 am.

Senja's majestic mountains line is best viewed from the top of them.

Devil's teeth are Senja's most famous attraction. 

Another "catch" of the midnight sun. 

Those Norwegian bridges. To see it best, see it from above. 

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