Deep Summer

72 hours against the best photographers in the industry in mountain biking's toughest photography competition.

The Deep Summer Photo Challenge at Crankworx Whistler, which is the largest mountain biking festival in the world, is one of the most respected and grueling tests for photographers. Five industry-leading shooters are invited to the event, along with one wildcard contestant, to prove their photographic and mental strength for 3 days of intense work and sleepless nights. Ultimately they shoot and edit together a three-to-five-minute slideshow in the allotted 72 hour timeframe to be viewed and judged at Whistler’s Olympic Plaza.


With a background in trail building, the theme of the show was to contrast the more natural style of hand built trails with the manufactured machine built style of trails in the Whistler Bike Park

Steve Storey hitting the big drop

Tools of the trade

Fresh hand built trail

Precision building in the bike park

Iven going big on the machine built jumps

Some of the best views in Whistler from the Top of the World trail

Last light of the day before a sleepless night editing photos and putting the slideshow together

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