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The following document explains Licensing for Publishers and is not legally binding. For more information, refer to our Terms of Service.

The following rules apply to all Licenses.

You MUST properly attribute the author

When publishing a story licensed by Azylo, you MUST correctly attribute the author by mentioning the name displayed on their Azylo profile, and mentioning the Credits must be clearly visible on the story page.

For digital publications, we require linking author’s name to the URL address associated with their Azylo portfolio, and linking our name to the Azylo homepage at

Example of correct attribution:

Story by John Seaton Callahan from

What you CAN

YES: Change headline

Creating a unique headline and subheadline will help you appeal to your specific target audience.

YES: Reorder or remove images

You can reorder or remove any of the included images. Feel free to add your images, infographics or illustrations. Make it unique for your readers.

YES: Modify text

You can modify words and include your SEO key phrases. However, you can not significantly change the story’s context and meaning.

YES: Translate

You can translate the story into any language you want. However, if you want to publish on different websites or different publications, you must obtain a separate license for each publication.

YES: Share on social media

You can post images or text fragments to your social media or any other channel as long as they promote the story and its author. You can not use separate images or text fragments in any other way (i.e. separately promote your products or services).

What you CAN NOT

NO: Use images other than for the editorial purposes

You can use separate images and/or text fragments to promote the story on your website (article thumbnails) and your social media. No other use is allowed.

NO: Modify images

You can not retouch, alter, process, crop or modify images.

NO: Change the context and/or meaning of the story

You can not significantly change the context and the meaning of the story. If that happens, the author or we can request you remove the story until you correct the changes.

NO: Sell, distribute, and/or share files with third parties

You can not distribute, share or sell the files to third parties. Any third party must obtain a separate license for each story.

NO: Remove links

It would be best if you preserved all backlinks. For example: if the authors want readers to see their Instagram portfolio, you must preserve them where they placed them. It is also good for your SEO to link to relevant pages and sources.

NO: Publish on multiple websites or publications

If you want to publish on different websites or publications, you must obtain a separate license for each website or publication.

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