In 1968, when we saw Earth rise over the moon, no one expected what was about to happen.

Earthrise Apollo 8

The Earthrise inspired thousands to share stories about the future of our planet.

Sixteen months later, on April 22, 1970, twenty million people took to the streets across America in what remains the largest civic event in human history.

This was the birth of Earth Day and the most significant environmental movement in history.

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A lot has changed,

but after over half a century and media flooded with 'end of days' messages, it's no wonder you'd feel like our world has become increasingly hostile. It’s time for people to take action and steer the course in the right direction.

But how can we do it now?


Thousands of people crafting stories about the most critical matters of our time.

Hundreds of magazines, blogs, and businesses sharing those stories.

They could easily reach millions—every time.

How powerful could this be?

Azylo is building an open platform where storytellers meet publishers, allowing them to share and trade meaningful stories. Our mission is to harness the power of these stories to accelerate the world's shift towards sustainable living. Because we believe stories can change the world—if we share them.

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