Boost stories that matter and ignite change

Expand your audience and make an impact.

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How do we ignite change in the world?

I mean, a real change. Something that would drive action…?

Imagine one thousand people crafting stories about a specific problem. And, imagine those stories being constantly published by hundreds of blogs, magazines, and brands.

Would that change anything?

Certainly, yes.

It would raise awareness, at least, if not drive action instantly. Even the slightest shift of perception of people reading those stories could make the difference.

Now, imagine if we had a tool that could achieve this. Well… that’s azylo®.

Boost stories that matter. Change something for the better.

Stories are much more powerfuI then we might think. In fact, they are the very core of our communication. The ability to tell stories is what truly sets us apart from other species, and allows us to cooperate.

Stories — if told beautifully and shared properly — have an essential impact on our decisions, and our lives. Through storytelling, we can inspire people to make the most of their time and better come together to solve issues and challenges, whether on a local or global scale.

But, how do I know whether my stories matter?

Submit your story to azylo® Awards and find out how it performs. You can gain global exposure and get paid for your work.

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