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Unexpected in the Land of Lavender

Barbora and I embarked on a bicycle journey in search of adventure in a land where excitement is not expected. Our path led us to the sunniest Dalmatian island of Hvar, chasing the shadow of Barba Borto.

The scorching sun desiccated the air above Velo Grabje valley, nestled amidst the hills of Hvar, a Dalmatian island, reducing the last green vines to mere pale remnants. Only lavender, their delicate purple flowers, flourished. Barba Borto, one of the five residents of Velo Grabje, could not wait any longer.

The yield from his vineyards couldn't sustain his family for a third season. Borto knew he had only two choices. To leave for the mainland, abandoning his ancestral home and land, or to break with millennia of cultivation traditions and secure a future for himself and future generations. Borto's decision thrust his family and the entire island into the spotlight.

Borto chose to remain and establish a new lavender tradition.

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