A Sleeping Beauty

I am just riding the creation of nature and-it is astonishing!

Between the spines of mountains close to its vein, a humble wanderer is finding a peaceful place to clear his mind from the hasty world. He pushes his bike up to a place he has never been to and suddenly he stops. The pouring rain, giant trees, and soft moss quietly evoke his humbleness and his insignificance in this place.
It’s drizzly morning. The sun is hidden somewhere in the fine milky dish of the horizon. I am lost in a place of no connection and no prediction. The only things I can hear are my steps and rain drops popping on the ground. Wind dances with the tree crowns and I decided to find a place to ride my bike where nobody has ever tried to. I am surrounded by sky-scraping spruces and the moisture makes my clothes soaking wet. It’s bitterly cold and my body starts to feel sort of vulnerable. After few kilometers, I stop near a mountain river because I am thirsty. Fast river mints its way between the rocks in the valley and suddenly it happens.
A dream about a foggy forest is in front of me after an hour of walking. Crossing the river is a bit risky, however, I cross it with no hesitation. There is no path, my steps lead straight uphill and my heartbeat is getting rapid. After a couple of minutes, I determine to stop. I am at the end of my way and I don’t need anything more. The gear, although it is wet, is on and nothing beats the feeling of the presence. I can already see my line.
Everything looks untouched and sleepy, then I drop in. I didn’t have to build any of my path. I am just riding the creation of nature and-it is astonishing. Slippery roots, soft moss, and bumps.
I am down in a blink of an eye. A wave of enthusiasm in my head wants to go again. The rain has already stopped, yet my body is shaking and my teeth start to rattle. Something is telling me that there is no time to stay longer. I am eating my last chocolate bar and it’s time to go. My mind is filled with a dose of the sleeping beauty and I am finally on the path. There isn’t a single person, only a curious squirrel is looking at me, making me feel like an intruder. I ride my bike and I realize that this is what makes my time stop.
After twenty more minutes of walk, I finally made it to my car. I am changing my socks and while bouncing on my one leg I turn my head back towards the valley. The wind is still dancing with the trees, making the fog go for a walk. The entire place works on it’s own and doesn’t need any control.
But for now, it’s time to go home.

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