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Going Full Nomad - Everything and the Kitchen Sink

A DIY project as a move toward a better life and endless exploration. Making a new home in a 5th wheel toy hauler and going full nomad... with bikes on board of course.

Since the Edwardian era, our insatiable urge to take with us way more stuff than necessary has been mocked by the cheeky string of words “everything but the kitchen sink.” Slightly less catchy but even older is “everything but the kitchen stove” going at least as far back as 1894. Well, that’s a really long time ago. It’s the 21st century, and things have changed a lot. Now we can bring everything and the kitchen sink, the stove, and throw in some bikes for good measure too!

Going full nomad. How did it come to this, traveling with everything and the kitchen sink? Well… yearning, that niggling fear of missing out. With endless places to explore, staying put felt like settling. So we bought a 5th wheel toy hauler to be our new home. There were several months of research, more time than anyone wants to spend with salespeople, a lot of haggling, and then one day, we drove off a lot with a home attached to the truck. We spent a year using the home on wheels only part-time to figure it all out, having never owned anything like it before, and to work out the kinks. Of course, there have been some kinks. The RV industry is notorious for poor quality paired perfectly with poor service. That said, we’ve been fortunate with our industry experiences. And a little troubleshooting builds character… right?!?

With that initial year of intermittent vacations a success, our subsequent first year of living full-time on the road was, for the most part, a perfectly idyllic adventure. Then came along a li’l ol’ virus. The pandemic has been the perfect prescription to slow down, explore closer to home, and take on projects that keep getting put off. Ever since moving into our tiny home on wheels, we’ve had dreams of renovating to fit everything tidily in that tight space and make it ours. The slower pace of the pandemic and less traveling were the little extra nudge we needed to finally take on the task.

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