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Skiing Volcanoes at the edge of the Map - Aleutian Islands

Between Alaska and Russia, a necklace of volcanic islands rise abruptly from the deeps of the Pacific Ocean. Photographer Reuben Krabbe recounts getting unlucky, and lucky, skiing at the edge of the world.

The Aleutian Chain is one of the most beautiful and underappreciated landscapes. A necklace of volcanic islands stretching between Russia and Alaska, reaching from crashing waves to lofty peaks; some are extinct and glaciated, others bubbling and belching.

If you've contemplated skiing in these mountains, you're among a small handful. Not many people recognize the landscape or its name; even less have been there. Suddenly you too are looking to book a flight.

There are several reasons why not many do; half the islands are inhabited by bears the size of small cars, only a couple of islands have runways to land a plane, and the last and possibly most significant reason: some of the worst weather in the world. 

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